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Frequently Asked Questions

What are your working hours?

We regularly work from 530 am to 200 pm. During this period we ship and receive orders. For sending orders outside these hours, you can use fax or e-mail In exceptional cases, it is possible to agree shipping outside this period, under the condition that a multi-shift operation is taking place.

How many pieces do you manufacture?

Question: I would like to have a rubber part manufactured by you. I have a sample, but I only need one piece.  Is this possible?

Answer: We manufacture products from a single piece all the way up to small series production. For a single piece, it is necessary to take into consideration the price of the mould. This will not be a problem if we regularly manufacture the product which you have requested. If however we do not produce this piece regularly and it will be necessary to manufacture a new mould, then it is necessary to consider whether it will be worthwhile for you, with regards to the expected price of the mould. Nonetheless, every such request has to be solved individually.

I have a damaged Hardy coupling and I need a new one. How should I order it from you?

For ordering Hardy couplings it is necessary to know the following 5 dimensions. The outer diameter D1, the inner diameter D2 of the Hardy coupling, its thickness h, amount of openings and the diameter of the openings, and hole circle d, where the openings are found. If the Hardy coupling is extensively damaged, it is possible to measure the dimensions also on a single driver of the Hardy coupling, which remained on the shafts. The above can also be handled by you sending us one of the drivers with the order. We will then manufacture the Hardy coupling according to this sample. The next option is to send the damaged Hardy coupling, but with the risk that the manufactured dimensions can be affected by the damage to the Hardy coupling.

Hardy spojka

I need a new edge on a snow plough. What lengths of edges do you manufacture?

The edges are delivered according to the dimension required by the customer, and also in a “continuous” belt. The maximum length of the edge is 9 or 12 m according to the dimension of the edge, to allow handling of the belt. For correct ordering it is necessary to know the thickness of the edge h, the width of the edge D and possibly the length L. For some of the dimensions we manufacture bevelled edges. You can find more information about the dimensions in the item "Offer" in the section "Edges for Snow Ploughs".Sněhová radlice

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